Xbox 360 Exposed

What a week. First the pictures of the current Xbox 360 Development Kit, then a photo of the Xbox 360 taken from an odd angle and today the ATI patent for the embedded video RAM used in the Xbox 360 graphics chip...and now this!

Well, it happened. It always happens. Someone has leaked an image of the Xbox 360 and we believe this is indeed the design that will be shown next month at E3. That doesn't mean it will be the final design that will ship later this year but you can bet it won't be much different.

By the size of the disc tray we can conclude the Xbox 360 is much smaller than the current Xbox and it looks like a 21st century set top box. There are two memory slots in there, a big power button and some other ports we have no clue what their functions are.

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

News source: Team Xbox

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