Xbox 360 user sues Microsoft for $500 billion

The latest case of a Xbox 360 gamer suing Microsoft has surfaced and this time the man filing the legal action is asking for a whopping $500 billion (with a b) from the company. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that David Stebbins from Arkansas filed a motion earlier this week in Seattle as he tries to use the terms of his Xbox Live contract against Microsoft. According to the story, Stebbins claims that on May 6 he sent a notice to Microsoft that he was "unilaterally amending the terms of service" of his Xbox Live contract. He also claimed that if Microsoft did not terminate his contract with him within 10 days, it would have to accept the new terms of service.

In effect, Stebbins is trying to do what companies like Microsoft do when they change the terms of a contract with consumers. Most people receive emails with the new terms and blindly accept them without even reading them.

Stebbins claims that after Microsoft didn't terminate the Xbox Live contract he then invited the company to have legal talks to discuss the case which he claims involve the $500 billion in damages. Microsoft didn't respond in which case Stebbins claims he is the automatic winner of that massive amount of money.

The article points out that Stebbins has also filed lawsuits against a number of other businesses with similar terms. Many of those lawsuits have been dismissed by the courts. Yet Stebbins says he is not just sending out frivolous lawsuits for the heck of it, claiming, "My true goal is not to just harass, and it's not just to get rich. My true goal is to level the playing field."

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