Xbox 720 announcement reportedly occurring in May, not April

There had been a rumor that the next generation Xbox would be announced in late April. But, if you are willing to believe a tweet from Paul Thurrott, he is stating that the announcement has been pushed back a month to May

We don’t have much to go on as we are talking about a rumor of an April launch and Paul indicating that May is the new launch, but for now, it’s likely the best information available.

Paul does have a decent track record when it comes to getting this type of information correct, so it’s wise to believe that this information is accurate. Although, if Microsoft does push it back a month, this puts the announcement close to that of E3, which starts on June 11th.

Sony has already announced, if you want to call it that, the PS4 but did not announce any specs of the console itself and briefly showed a new controller along with tons of game demos over a two-hour period.

While we do not know what the next gen Xbox software enhancements will include, the architecture and specs of the next gen platform were leaked a few months back.

Source: Paul Thurrott

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