Xbox 'Durango' XDK leak "confirms" always-online, mandatory HDD installs, required Kinect 2

As we approach a potential announcement for the next Xbox console, codenamed "Durango", more info about what to expect has started to appear. VGLeaks, responsible for some next Xbox-related leaks in the past, has gained access to the Xbox Development Kit (XDK) for the next-generation console, and it may confirm a number of previously rumored features.

First up, the XDK's Hardware Overview states that the console will be "Always On, Always Connected", allowing the unit to update software and games in the background in a different power state, so that everything is always current. It's also likely that Microsoft will use this always online system to prevent game piracy, as well as provide a method for unique, bundled game codes that prevent game reselling, as we've previously heard might be the case.

The Durango console will apparently also come with a hard drive large enough to install many games (possibly 500 GB), with game installations to the HDD being mandatory. While playing the game directly from the Blu-ray discs will "not be supported", it looks like you may be able to play the game while it's installing to the hard drive, to stop a gamer's agonizing wait to play their newly purchased game.

Finally there's mention of a next-generation Kinect unit that will be required for using the next Xbox, which will come with HD video support, better depth sensing technology and better low-light vision in a smaller package with a greater field of view. All this information corresponds to what we've previously heard in relation to a new Kinect sensor.

The Verge also has heard that the information from this XDK leak is genuine, however it could be from a version of the software from last year. Considering the age of the information it may have been possible for Microsoft to make some final changes to the next-generation Xbox before it's shown off to the public, which may either happen at E3 2013, or at an event in late April.

Source and image: VGLeaks via: The Verge

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