Xbox Live experiencing connectivity issues [Update: Back online!]

If you thought it was just Neowin having issues this weekend (forum upgrade is in progress), think again: In advance of the release of Windows 10, it appears that Xbox Live is having issues with both their website as well as with logging into the service itself. Gamers attempting to login to the Xbox One are greeted with the error 0x87dd0019.

Based on the official timestamp on the Xbox support page, service has been down since 15:26ET, with no indication of when services will be restored.

We understand that some of you are unable to navigate sites. At this time, we are working with our partner to find a solution for this issue. Thanks for being patient. We’ll provide an update when we have more information.

It's unclear what the source of the issue is. It could be a generic technical glitch, or it could be another denial of service attack like both Microsoft and Sony experienced over Christmas. Regardless, there are many people voicing their complaints on Twitter right now and we will update this post again when the issue is corrected.

Update: It appears that the Xbox Live team is making progress on the restoration of service. As of 18:56ET, most services are again functional, with the exception of unlocking achievements and buying downloadable items. There's still no indication as to what the root cause of the issue is.

Update: Xbox Live is back online. There's still no official root cause listed, but commence the gaming!

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