Xbox Live facing service disruption [Update] It's back

Microsoft has updated their Xbox Live status page to indicate that the service is facing a disruption. Microsoft is currently working to amend the issue, but at this time, Xbox Live users may not be able to log on to their preferred gaming platform. Games For Windows Live users are also facing issues, as noted below.

The Microsoft update page states the following:

Users may experience difficulties with the following services:

  • Signing into Games for Windows – LIVE on a PC
  • Signing into Xbox LIVE from an Xbox console
  • Signing into Xbox LIVE from

Other Xbox Live services such as the Marketplace, Account and Matchmaking are all up and running. Microsoft has not given an estimated time fix for the current issues.

According to a post in our forums, it would appear the service was disrupted around the noon hour (EST) with forum user NoLiMiT06 at 1:09PM stating that he got kicked off the service "about an hour ago."

Xbox Live outages are fairly rare events. The downtimes are usually no more than a few minutes. That certainly wasn't the case for Sony's Playstation Network which was down for weeks due to a cyber attack earlier this year. There's no reason to assume that the current problems with Xbox Live or Games for Windows Live are due to any kind of hacker attack. We will stay on top of this situation and update you if things change

[Update] Service has been restored.

Thanks to Neowin's NoLiMiT06 and Sraf for the tips

John Callaham contributed to this article.


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