Xbox LIVE titles 30x more popular than Indie games on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s Marc Whitten, the Corporate Vice President of Xbox LIVE has confirmed what many developers have known deep down for some time, that Xbox LIVE games are far more likely to sell better than indie titles on Windows Phone 7.

The surprising news on WMPU is that Xbox LIVE titles are 30 times more popular than indie games have been on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Originally companies such as Jabberworx, the Chicks and Vixen developer, believed that Xbox LIVE titles were likely to sell around 10 times as many copies as indie games were, but now Microsoft has released some more thorough details on the matter.

It looks as if the 50 or so Xbox LIVE titles that have been released since the service launched last year have taken over 70% of revenue on Windows Phone 7, this leaves the remaining 4000 other gaming titles just a measly 30%.

Marc stated that “Today on Windows Phone, Xbox Live games make up less than 1 per cent of the number of games that are on there. They are over 30 per cent of the units of the games downloaded on the phone, and they over 70 per cent of the revenue. That’s because consumers value the experience and integration of the game with Xbox Live”

No actual sales figures for games on Windows Phone 7 have been released.

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