Xbox music free streams will be monetized by TargetSpot

Microsoft's Xbox music service is one of the many ways that Microsoft delivers content to its consumers. The service has seen a rocky start, however, and while the ambitions of the platform are good, the service has its fair share of issues, including poor app performance that's left a sour taste in users' mouths.

While Microsoft works to clean up the Xbox music app and syncing services, the company is also looking to monetize the free streams and has teamed up with TargetSpot to make it happen. Like many other free streaming services, Xbox Music will introduce advertisements to help monetize the platform. TargetSpot had the following to say about the announcement:

TargetSpot will serve audio ads across all Windows 8 and Windows RT devices where Xbox Music free streaming service is available, providing a comprehensive monetization solution for Microsoft’s music content. Microsoft will leverage TargetSpot’s ad insertion technology to deliver highly targeted and relevant advertising to its listeners.

It's not a surprise that Microsoft is going down this route as it needs to find sustainable ways to support its many different platforms to be able to stay in the cash positive position that it has sustained for many years. Not wanting to let an opportunity go to waste, teaming up with TargetSpot makes sense as that advertising platform is already used by many other streaming services.

Source: TargetSpot  via TNW

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