Xbox One continues to trail PS4 in console sales for May

If you are a gamer, there is a good chance you have either bought, or are trying to decide between the PS4 and the Xbox One. While we know sales figures do not paint the entire story, they do show the trending of which way gamers are leaning when looking to buy a next gen console.

With that being said, the PS4 has once again outsold the Xbox One for the month of May. While the NPD did not release exact sales figures, as that is typically left up to Sony and Microsoft, they did say "May 2014 marked the fifth consecutive month that Sony’s PlayStation 4 led hardware sales".

Of course, it must be said that the PS4 is on sale in many more regions than the Xbox One, so the playing field is not exactly even but Microsoft will close that gap later this year. The company plans to offer the console up for sale in many more regions starting in September.

For gamers, having Microsoft and Sony compete so fiercely is a good thing as it forces both companies to be creative in how they try to entice consumers to buy their consoles. Seeing that both company's are doing well in sales, we don't expect to see the marketing push from either company slow down anytime soon.

Based on public figures, Sony has said that it has sold 7 million PS4 consoles while Microsoft has said that it has shipped 5 million Xbox Ones. We will be curious to see how June plays out seeing that Microsoft now sells a cheaper version of the Xbox One without a Kinect at the same price as the PS4 for $399.

Source: Venture Beat

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