Xbox One Rumor Control: No Nov. 8th launch date, no Blake's 7 and more

Yes, we do post a lot of rumors on the Xbox One, but today, we actually have a story that refutes some of the more recent unconfirmed reports about Microsoft's next game console. Spoiler alert: Two of these items are bad news for Xbox One fans but one is actually good news.

No November 8th U.S. launch date

A few days ago, Kotaku reported that the Xbox One could launch on Friday, November 8th in the US. The story was based on a tipster who sent the site a list of midnight game sales events at Walmart, with the Xbox One's date listed as November 8th.

The story did say that the date was unconfirmed on that Walmart list and now the same site is reporting that a source "close to Microsoft" claims the November 8th date is in fact incorrect. While the Xbox One is still targeted for a launch sometime in November, we still don't have any official word on a specific date.

No Blake's 7 TV show revival for Xbox One and Xbox Live

Earlier this month, the Financial Times website claimed that Microsoft was going to launch a revival of the classic BBC sci-fi series Blake's 7 as an original show for the Xbox Live service, including the Xbox One. Unfortunately, even the Financial Times can be wrong.

The Den of Geek website chatted this week with Kate Barnes, an Executive Producer at Microsoft's EMEA TV division, and asked her about the Blake's 7 revival rumor. Barnes is quoted as saying, "I think the rumours took on a lot of speed because sci-fi is obviously something at the heart of Xbox, but no, there's nothing to that."

So it sounds like Blake, Avon and the rest of the Liberator crew are stranded in TV space limbo, at least for now.

No Xbox One unit shipping reductions

Earlier this week, a Chinese website claimed that Microsoft was cutting its shipment orders for the Xbox One from seven million units to 6.2 million, saying that some units were having issues with silicon yields. While other sites reported on this rumor Neowin did not.

Now, in a statement to, Microsoft Xbox executive Albert Penello denies the statements in the Chinese website story, saying, "That report is incorrect. We have not lowered shipping volumes, and are actually seeing better than expected yields from our silicon." Microsoft has yet to say just how many units of the Xbox One it plans to ship for its launch.

Sources: Kotaku, Den of Geek and VG247 | Images via Microsoft and BBC

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