Xbox One update 1408 features come into the clear

Over the next few days, Microsoft will push out an update to those of you who are in the 'Xbox Preview Dashboard' program that will bring with it new features which will eventually be released in August. 

If you need an invite to the program, you can head into the forums as there is a thread where users are giving out invitations to the dashboard preview app that you need to register your console. Once you have done that, you will be able to receive the updates ahead of the general population.

So what's coming down the pipe for the August update? You will now be able to purchase content on or SmartGlass and download while you are away. This new feature will let your console wake up to download and install new games and apps that have been purchased on or Smartglass. As long as your console is set up for Instant On, downloads will automatically begin.

Two other notable features will be a low battery notification on the screen when your controller juice is getting low, and vibration feedback when holding the Xbox button. The latter is quite helpful as it can be a bit hard to know how long to hold down the Xbox button to accept a pop-up notification. If you hold down the button too long, your controller will turn off, so the vibration feedback will be an easy way to let you know to let go of the Xbox button.

This update, which will likely include more features, will be rolling out in the next couple of days to those of you in the preview program.

Via: WPC | Image Credit: Microsoft

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