Xbox One video shows console's multitasking, fast loading

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One feature true multitasking for the first time in an Xbox console, though the company hasn't revealed much footage of the feature. A YouTube user has done what Microsoft hasn't, however, and uploaded a video showcasing multitasking as well as the improved performance over current-generation consoles.

The video, uploaded by YouTube user Jackson Carter, shows a pre-release version of the console as well as brief footage of the Crytek third-person action game "Ryse," slated to launch alongside  the Xbox One on Nov. 22. Carter's Xbox One appears to be part of Microsoft's hardware beta program for the console, as one of the tiles on the dashboard is labeled "new in beta."

"Ryse" loads instantly on the console, one of the advantages heavily touted by Microsoft regarding Xbox One's next-generation architecture. Upon pressing the Xbox logo button, the console goes back to the dashboard.

"It keeps playing [the game], it just kind of minimizes it," Carter says. "It doesn't actually exit out of the game."

Carter adds that the software is still fairly buggy, noting its pre-release state.

In addition to the multitasking, Carter shows the general appearance of the Xbox One dashboard, which Microsoft showed to gaming press at the Gamescom trade show in Germany last month. The dashboard is largely reminiscent of Microsoft's Metro interface used in its Windows 8 and Windows Phone operating systems, mimicking the design style more closely than the Xbox 360 dashboard.

The Xbox One dashboard features a more streamlined interface than the Xbox 360 dashboard, using three panes – a pane for pins, another for general tasks and final pane for the console's store – instead of the eight panes found on the current-generation Microsoft console.

Update: The original video was taken down; this post has been updated with a video uploaded by another YouTube user.

Source: YouTube via NeoGAF

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