Xbox-PC connection coming soon?

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An online survey conducted recently by a Microsoft partner indicates that the software giant is considering producing a kit that would let people use an Xbox video game console and a TV to access entertainment files stored on their PC.

The survey includes a number of questions about a proposed Xbox Connection Kit that would let Xbox owners use the console to remotely access MP3 music and other entertainment files stored on a PC. The kit would include software and a remote control for the Xbox that would allow people to access music files and other media via a TV screen. Owners would need to have a home networking system set up to connect the Xbox and the PC.

"The Xbox Connection Kit is an add-on for your Xbox game system," according to literature included with the survey. "With it, you can access NewPC's TV, photo and music functions from other rooms in your home." The survey indicates Microsoft would sell the device for $29 and could have it on the market within 12 months.

Analysts said they were not familiar with the specific product plans but said Xbox networking makes sense as part of Microsoft's broad eHome plan to extend PC functions throughout the home. At a recent developers conference, Chairman Bill Gates talked about being able to access PC files from numerous displays throughout the house, including TV sets.

"Microsoft is clearly looking at ways to extend your (Windows) XP content to the living room," Gartner research analyst P.J. McNealy said. "They've had a difficult time going through the set-top box, so this would give them another avenue."

News source: ZDNet News

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