Xiaomi shows us 'Galaxy Year 1128992 AD' where 'World Order Humanoids' visit a Mi Home

Just in time for the holidays, Xiaomi has unveiled a wacky promotional video for some of its products as well as its physical retail location known as Mi Home.

Although there isn't much to gather from the description, which can be read verbatim down below, one can only infer that Xiaomi was going for a futuristic angle, with visitors from another time traveling to earth and being elated by the wonderful products that are found at the Mi Home.

"It's Galaxy Year 1128992 AD, World Order Humanoids were invited to travel through space to visit our Mi Home. How on earth (pun intended) will they be able to handle our Mi products packed with tech breakthroughs?"

Among some of the products discovered by the futuristic visitors are the Note 2, Mi Band 2, Mi VR headset, Mi Scooter, Mi MIX and much more. If anything, this video is a reminder that Xiaomi is much more than just a smartphone manufacturer and offers quite a bit in their catalog. While we will never know what truly happens to coordinated beings, they clearly leave impressed as each of them has picked up a little something for the long journey home.

Source: YouTube

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