Yammer co-founder: Microsoft is more like a startup

Microsoft's newly acquired business-based social networking service Yammer announced its first major update today since Microsoft closed the $1.2 billion deal earlier this summer. Now, the co-founder and chief technology office of Yammer, Adam Pisoni, is speaking on life after Microsoft.

In a chat with Business Insider, Pisoni compared the organization of Microsoft to more of a startup company rather than a massive publicly traded conglomerate. He states:

When you have a large company it can very centralized. From the outside, that's what I thought—I thought it was very top down. But it's not. It's actually very decentralized and bottom up. There's a lot of ideas floating around and everyone's ideas get a shake.

Pisoni also says that Microsoft is highly collaborative and adds that it's been easier to communicate with the right people at the company than he predicted before the sale. He states, "People are really interested on their end in learning more about us."

While Microsoft has been criticized over the years as a company that is not as "hip" or as open to work for compared to other companies like Google and Twitter, that perception seems to have changed in the last few years. A recent article claimed that, according to a survey from the careers site Glassdoor, Microsoft has now become the second most desirable business for a prospective intern to work for.

Source: Business Insider

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