Yoshi is coming back in a new adventure for the Nintendo Switch

It looks like Metroid isn't the only classic Nintendo character the firm is relying on to bolster the Switch's library. During its E3 2017 broadcast, Nintendo announced that a new game starring Yoshi would be coming to its latest console, sometime in 2018.

The trailer for Yoshi shows off an adorable game that has the protagonist adventuring through worlds that look to be built out of paper materials and cardboard. Like previous games, you'll have the ability to eat your enemies and either spit them out as projectiles or digest them, lay an egg, and store them so they can be used as a projectile later.

As an added twist, it appears that the world in which Yoshi exists can be shifted, showing another dimension of the backdrop. This will no doubt be a huge component to the game and will bring hours of fun with innovative puzzles. While the lineup for the Switch console looks incredibly strong like Metroid Prime 4 and Kirby, gamers will have to wait for Yoshi to arrive, as it is slated to for 2018.

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