Your new flexible friend? Samsung to demo bendy 5.5-inch HD mobile screen

Many sci-fi visions of the future have featured curved screens, newspapers and magazines with integrated video that can be folded away, and even displays that can bend and be reshaped at the will of the user. While so many of the wild and wacky gadgets and gizmos envisaged in TV shows and movies have already come to life in real-world consumer technology, the dream of ubiquitous flexible displays hasn't yet materialised.

Plenty of companies are working on it though, including Nokia - which showed off a prototype over a year ago - and, as we reported back in July, Samsung. As CNET reports, Samsung Display is preparing to demonstrate its new flexible display at January's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which it hopes will pave the way for a new generation of devices.

The company will show off a 5.5-inch flexible screen which is said to be designed for smartphone use, and features a HD (1280x720px) resolution and 267ppi pixel density. At this stage, the display remains in the prototype stage, and isn't yet at the point of being integrated into a device for market, but the potential that this latest prototype represents is certainly tantalising.

Earlier this year, a mystery Samsung device appeared (above) sporting some very unusual curves, leading to speculation that the company was preparing to imminently release a handset featuring a flexible screen. It seems that we're still some way from that happening, but each new prototype gets us one step closer - and for those of us who love tech, that's a very exciting prospect indeed.

Source: CNET

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