YouTube Outage Might Have Been Caused by Pakistan

Pakistani Internet service providers may have inadvertently blocked the popular YouTube Web site across the world at the weekend when they restricted local access to the site, a telecommunications official said.

YouTube said on Monday that many users around the world could not access the site for about two hours because traffic had been routed according to erroneous Internet protocols. The source of the problem was a network in Pakistan, YouTube said in a statement.

Pakistan ordered local Internet service providers to block access to the site because it was running material insulting to Islam, a Pakistani industry official said on Sunday. A government telecommunications official said the initial order to restrict local access might have mistakenly affected users around the world. "The blocking of the Web site within the country might have mistakenly affected its worldwide service, briefly," said the official, who declined to be identified. But there had been no intention to block the site worldwide, he said.

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