YouTube Premium users may be getting free monthly channel memberships

In recent months, Google has unveiled various giveaways and offers to entice YouTube users towards the premium version of the platform. Examples of these include free Google Home Minis for Premium subscribers in October, followed by three months of free Premium membership for YouTube TV users the very next month.

Now, in its latest move to make YouTube Premium a more attractive prospect, the firm is reportedly testing out free monthly channel memberships for premium subscribers (via 9to5Google).

For those who are unaware, channel memberships are a way to become part of an exclusive club of subscribers for a specific channel, through a monthly recurring payment. Members are eligible for a variety of perks that include badges, emojis, exclusive videos, and more. Payments for this system start at $4.99 per month.

The reportedly free channel memberships are being tested out on Premium subscribers across various regions. While browsing YouTube, they are shown a relevant snackbar that takes them to a page where they are asked to select their free offering for the current month. Notably, these memberships are worth up to $5 as highlighted in the image above, which is relevant since more than one pricing tiers can be offered by different channels.

Despite the testing seeming to be quite straightforward, users have reported in YouTube's support forum that free monthly memberships are not actually working as of yet. So, it looks like the feature not quite been finalized. Interestingly, a similar offering is already available for Amazon Prime subscribers on Twitch, so it makes sense that YouTube would try to rival it with one of its own. Google has not yet responded for comment on the matter.

Source: 9to5Google

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