YouTube will stop working on older devices this May

YouTube will soon stop working on older devices, thanks to an API change coming from Google. Those affected can only update their software, if possible, or rely on other devices for their viewing pleasure.

In a blog post Google is announcing that the old Data API v2 is being deprecated in favor in a newer v3 version, which offers better support for comments, captions and push notifications. What this actually means is that older devices such as Smart TVs, Android and Apple TVs, games consoles and iOS devices will no longer be able to stream YouTube content.

Some of the affected devices are Google TV version 3 and 4, any Apple device running something older than iOS 7, games consoles “without support for Adobe Flash or HTML5” and numerous Smart TVs and sic players that never get updated.

Starting today the affected devices will display the video embedded above, while in early May all such devices will only display 410 Gone HTTP errors.

What can you actually do if you’re affected? First of all update your device to the newest software that’s available, and hopefully that’s enough. If not, you may be able to continue using YouTube through the device’s browser as long as it supports HTML5. On iOS devices you’ll also be able to stream content via AirPlay.

Unfortunately many users of Smart TVs will likely be affected, especially as these devices don’t get replaced often and are also likely never updated. For those users, there’s not much that can help them.

Source: YouTube via: MacRumors

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