Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gets his cameo on The Simpsons

He may be one of the wealthiest people in the world. He may be the owner of the largest social network to ever grace the planet. His story may be the subject of a number one US box office blockbuster. Mark Zuckerberg may be living a life of fame and glory, but all the fame and glory in the world pales in comparison to a cameo on the Simpsons animated sitcom. For many celebrity personalities, a cameo on the Simpsons means that you are truly making your unique mark on the modern zeitgeist. From Alex Trebek to Steve Jobs, from Johnny Cash to Phish, from Kelsey Grammer to Reese Witherspoon, you know you’ve made it when you get on the Simpsons.

Zuckerberg achieves this zenith of stardom as the movie based on his rise to power, The Social Network, tramples through the box office, garnering critical acclaim from critics all over. Zuckerberg is portrayed in the cameo as a successful college dropout, along with Bill Gates and Richard Branson, who thwart Lisa’s plans to convince Nelson that completing an education is a worthy endeavor. Zuckerberg communicates with people by beginning sentences with “Mark Zuckerberg is…” It’s not a huge cameo, but it’s definitely another achievement the young Internet dynamo can add to his ever-growing list.

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