Zune expands to Canada, drops Zune Pass price in US

Microsoft has some great news for those of you in Canada. Starting Monday, the Zune Music Marketplace and Zune Pass will be finally available in Canada. Canadian users will pay C$9.99 a month (or C$99.90) a year for the Zune Pass. Windows Phone users in Canada will now be able able to enjoy approximately 14 million tracks, as well as tens of thousands of indie tunes, according to the Windows Phone Blog.

In addition, Zune Pass users in the US will now be able to pay only $9.99/month and receive unlimited song streaming as they always have. Users of the $9.99 plan will be able to sync Zune on up to four devices. There is a catch, however: Users who opt for the cheaper plan will no longer receive the 10 song downloads a month that they did with the $14.99 plan. You can still opt for either plan, as users of the $14.99 plan can still use the 10 song downloads every month.

In addition, Microsoft has announced the addition of streaming music videos to Zune for US and Canadian users. Microsoft stated in the blog post that streaming music videos will come to the Xbox 360. Right now, the streaming of music videos will be only available through the Zune software. Microsoft has now made the official announcement on the Zune Insider blog regarding all the changes.


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