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Sam Symons
New Zealand
22 January 2006
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Sam is a University student studying towards a Bachelor of Science at the University of Canterbury, Majoring in Computer Science.

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Palm goes up for sale

· · Hot! with 27 comments

After months of financial issues and company troubles, the company Palm has reportedly gone up for sale. Since the release of one of its latest smartphones, the Pre, Palm saw a decline in profits, which...


WebKit2 set for release soon

· · Hot! with 15 comments

Despite having released the iPad a week ago, and a beta of the new iPhone OS hours ago, Apple still hasn't stopped pumping out the announcements. Just earlier, the team who work on the WebKit...


Apple reveals iPhone OS 4.0

· · Hot! with 200 comments

As expected, Apple has this morning revealed version 4.0 of its iPhone operating system. The update has been a long time coming (and still will be, at Apple's big releases generally ship towards the middle...


Apple launches the iPad App Store

· · Hot! with 13 comments

A couple days before the iPad is set to be released, Apple has gone ahead and launched the current selection of new applications for the device on the App Store, meaning that anyone with iTunes...


Apple releases iTunes 9.1

· · Hot! with 34 comments

Just in time for the launch of the company's new product, the iPad, Apple has launched version 9.1 of its media management software, iTunes. Earlier, it had been rumored that the Audiobooks category would be...