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04 April 2004
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Spencer is the Tech Evangelist for Stardock and Microsoft MVP.

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Start8 0.95

· · Hot! with 24 comments

Start8 gives Windows 8 users the ability to bring the start menu back to their desktop. Not only does it bring the start menu back, you also get many customization options


Multiplicity 2 Beta

· with -1 comments

For users that run multiple computers, Multiplicity 2 is an application that gives those users the ability to control and switch between them using use one keyboard and mouse. This lets users eliminate extra keyboard/mouse...


Start8 0.87

· with 13 comments

Start8 is an application that brings back the start menu in Windows 8 and adds more functionality than the previous start menu had.


Acoustic Bridge 1.0

· with -1 comments

Acoustic Bridge is out of beta and the 1.0 version has officially been released. Acoustic Bridge is an application that lets users direct audio from one PC to another via your network.

/images/uploaded/windows 7 x64-2012-01-25-10-24-10_thumb.png

Tiles 1.0

· with 3 comments

Stardock has released Tiles 1.0, which is a new navigation utility for Windows. Tiles places a side-bar on your Windows desktop that lets PC users organize active programs, application, and documents.


WindowBlinds 7.3

· · Hot! with 22 comments

Stardock has released the 7.3 update for WindowBlinds. WindowBlinds is an application that lets users completely change the look and feel of XP, Vista, and Windows 7.


WindowFX 4.01

· with 5 comments

WindowFX 4 is a Windows app that lets you add special effects to your windows, enhancing your desktop experience. What's in this update: Added friction slider for momentum windows Tweak to how sticky notes are handled with darken...