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16 August 2001
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Let the ADSL price war begin!

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Only one day after Wanadoo's price drop of its price of 1Mbps ADSL service to just £17.99 Plusnet have followed suit. As of the 26th August, Plusnet will be offering 512 ADSL for...

Rome: Total War update

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New look at what promises to be the most ambitious strategy game ever conceived Activision have released a batch of new shots of the impressive looking Rome: Total War, the ambitious realtime strategy...

Champ Man site live

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All-new match engine and more revealed as Eidos unveil new Championship Manager site After moving coding of its massively successful Champ Man series in-house, Eidos are under pressure to match previous developers...

Resident Evil goes cel-shaded!

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Alien fiesta Under the Skin to feature Resi characters and locations - first shots New screenshots of Under the Skin reveal that characters and locations from the Resident Evil series will make an...

Prince of Darkness

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Edge considers the demise of Aladdin, as the Prince of Persia turns to the darkside second time around What would you do if you could turn back time? Fans of Prince Of Persia:...