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WP7 brings Local Scout to Bing interface

· with 4 comments

At todays press conference Microsoft unveiled a new feature within the search hub. Local Scout enables the user to find amenities near their current location, such as restaurants and bars, movies, neighborhood events, and interesting...


Steve Jobs to take medical leave

· · Hot! with 123 comments

In a memo released today, and spotted by TechCrunch, Steve Jobs has announced to his employees that he will be taking a leave of absence due to medical reasons. In his absence, Tim Cook will...


MicroSD cards - Life after WP7

· · Hot! with 108 comments

A lot of attention after the recent launch of Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft has surrounded the issue of expandable storage, and the way microSD cards are used in the device. Today, Engadget came...


Softlayer and The Planet in merger talks

· · Hot! with 15 comments

Two of the industry's largest providers of dedicated servers and hosting services have entered into talks regarding a possible merger. If completed, the merger would make Softlayer CEO Lance Crosby the CEO of the combined...


Researchers discover WPA2 vulnerability

· · Hot! with 48 comments

Researchers at wireless security company AirTight Networks have uncovered a vulnerability in the widely used WPA2 security protocol, part of the 802.11 standard. The vulnerability, termed "Hole 196", which can be exploited by attackers already...


Facebook launch XMPP support for chat

· · Hot! with 26 comments

Yesterday evening a posting on the Facebook Developer Blog announced support for the XMPP protocol (also known as 'Jabber') within Facebook chat. This addition means that users of Facebook are able to connect with their...


Google announces end of censorship in China

· · Hot! with 70 comments

Google has today revealed that in mid-December, they, along with a number of other large companies in the Internet, finance, technology, media and chemical sectors, were targeted in a sophisticated cyber-attack. This attack on their...