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08 December 2002
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David was born and raised in sunny southern California. Since the young age of 5 he has had a passion for video games and all things technology. After getting his own computer around the age of 8, he has been playing with all sorts of hardware and software, and has wanted to work in the industry ever since.

David is currently attending the University of California, Riverside, working toward a degree in Computer Science, and he hopes to eventually work on software or games for companies like Microsoft or Blizzard.

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Nobody Likes E3 Anymore

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It seems gaming fans are not the only ones to notice that E3 should never have changed. EA has been taking steps by scheduling meetings with the Entertainment Software Association to discuss the problems of...

PearPC 0.3.0

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The most important change of this release are the accurate timing facilities which made PearPC faster and allowed us to implement idle-sleep. So PearPC no longer consumes CPU time when the client is idle. Other...

Yz Dock 0.8.1

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New version with a bunch of new features. Main ones are: Separators can now be easily added, moved or deleted.(They are now added through the main menu. Ctrl+drag to move the separators. And they are...

Alcohol 120%

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Alcohol 120% lets you backup your original game CDs or DVDs even if they are protected. It can create 31 virtual CD & DVD-ROMs, allowing the user to play the discs without the need to...