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Michael Gillett
Berkeley or Hatfield, UK
29 October 2008
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A British Electronic Engineering student who loves all things gadgety, modern and funny. Blogger as well as Neowin news reporter with a focus on Microsoft news.

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Windows Phone 7 portal goes live

· · Hot! with 35 comments

Microsoft has just launched their new Windows Phone portal which heavily features Windows Phone 7 and provides a load of content for prospective buyers and owners. This portal has actually launched earlier than many would...


Zune to go international soon

· · Hot! with 38 comments

Microsoft announced last month that it would be bringing its Zune entertainment distribution platform to several countries around the world in the coming months. It now appears that the service is very close to being...


Microsoft sues Motorola [Updated]

· · Hot! with 95 comments

Microsoft has announced today that it is suing Motorola, citing that the mobile phone maker is infringing nine of Microsoft's patents on its Android devices. The patents referred to cover such things as email, calendar,...


HTC Windows Phone 7 news

· · Hot! with 21 comments

Over the past few days there have been several pieces of HTC and Windows Phone 7 news. Yesterday it was widely reported that the HTC director responsible for North Africa and Middle Asia said to gulfnews...