HDD Guardian 0.6.2

HDD Guardian

HDD Guardian is a front-end for smartctl, a tool for querying S.M.A.R.T. data of your hard drive. With HDD Guardian you can survey your hard disk health, preventing data loss due to hard drive death.

The key features of HDD Guardian are:

  • easy device overview, with temperature, overall health and bad sectors indication
  • display an optional icon into the tray area for each local device
  • HDD Guardian tray icon change shield color if a device is failing
  • monitor virtual devices loaded from a shared smartctl output
  • displays device identity information
  • perform self-test and displays their results
  • allow enabling/disabling S.M.A.R.T., automatic offline data collection (an automatic test performed by device every four hours) and autosave of vendor-specific attributes
  • displays attributes information and graphs
  • displays device error log
  • allow to set device-specific attribute format and firmware debug
  • allow to set warnings behavior
  • support for external (USB) devices, also in docking stations

HDD Guardian 0.6.2 release notes:


  • added support for LSI Fury (thanks to Jan);
  • added support for Dell PERC H200E (thanks to Conan);
  • added support for Areca controllers (thanks to Spacedust);
  • added support for Dell PERC H310 (thanks to Bill and Jorge)
  • added capability to update language files;
  • display device form factor in Manage -> Information;
  • now is possible set a per-drive power mode from Manage -> Advanced;
  • Attributes format and Firmware debug are moved into Manage -> Advanced page;
  • Power mode is now removed from Settings window;
  • display temperature information on Manage -> Temperatures page;
  • is possible to set a different (newer) version of smartctl instead the one bundled with HDD Guardian;
  • added many options in mail settings;
  • added support for 3ware clipboard command from Settings -> Device detection (thanks to Binder Daniel);
  • ATA errors are now excluded from calculation of reliability. Now calculation is based upon IDs 5, 196, 197 and 198 of SMART table;
  • errors log now have an easy to read error description;
  • added AMD, ATP and Silicon Power logo, SSD image sample and web link;


  • fixed a couple of bugs affecting virtual devices;
  • re-added code to Browse button on Settings -> Sharing -> Smartctl Output;
  • fixed an issue with e-mail settings (thanks to Willy);
  • fixed a bug into devices context menu (Xml report);
  • fixed a bug that affects HDD Guardian under Windows XP;
  • fixed some graphical issues;
  • fixed GDI handle memory leak;
  • fixed working time reported by Intel 520 SSDs.

Download: HDD Guardian 0.6.2 | 2.6 MB (Open Source)
Download: Portable HDD Guardian 0.6.2 | 2.8 MB
Link: HDD Guardian Home Page | Supported and unsupported controllers

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