1 Gbps Google Fiber confirmed for Austin, Texas in mid-2014 [Update]

Google is bringing their super fast Google Fiber Internet service to another major city in the U.S. After first launching the 1 Gbps ISP in the Kansas City Kansas/Missouri metropolitan area in November 2012, the company announced today it would bring those same speeds to Austin, Texas.

In a post on the Google Fiber blog, the company said it would start connecting the first homes in the Austin area sometime in mid-2014. As with its Kansas City operation, Austin residents can also choose to sign up for Google Fiber's cable TV-like services, which will include a DVR and a Nexus 7 tablet that will serve as a remote control.

Pricing for Google Fiber in Austin has not been announced but Google says the prices should be similar to those in Kansas City, which gives those customers 1 Gbps Internet speeds for just $70 a month. Adding the TV package increases the price to $120 a month, not including premium pay cable networks.

Google will also offer Austin residents a way to get free Internet in their homes, with speeds of five Mbps, if they pay for a one time construction fee. Google also plans to connect schools, hospitals, community centers and other public places with 1 Gbps speeds for free.

Update: AT&T has also announced that it plans to offer its own 1 Gbps service in Austin, Texas, but details of those plans have not been announced.

Source: Google Fiber blog

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This is so great. Not only will we now get fast affordable fiber internet, but this will force all other providers to up their speeds and lower their prices. It's win win for us as consumers. I sure hope I'm not moving away any time soon now.

Austin is sort of becoming the second Silicon Valley, so to speak. With Dell out there, along with numerous developers, and now Apple coming in with a $300-305 million dollar facility set to employ more people than Dell, I'm truly enjoying the direction we're headed.

Brian Miller said,
Why not Silicon Valley?

Can't remember the name, but there's a California environmental protection law that rules out the entire state. Verizon ran into it when they tried to roll out FiOS in the bay area.

It horrifies me here. This place is the center of the modern technological revolution of the world and has super spotty cell phone coverage.

majortom1981 said,
Att also announced 1 gig fiber in Austin today also.

"Oh god, not again. We can't be made to look like fools after what happened in Kansas. Someone start giving our customers value for money, STAT!"
- AT&T