$100 Android One handsets to launch in India in October

At the Google I/O conference last month, alongside the latest version of its Android OS - and its compelling new 'Material Design' visual language - the company announced Android One, an initiative intended to launch high-quality, ultra-low-cost handsets in emerging markets. 

Android One differs from other super-cheap handsets flooding the market in that Google is taking a much more hands-on approach to developing these devices with its hardware partners, supplying reference designs and development guidelines to help them to create a better experience for end users. According to The Economic Times, the first Android handsets will launch in India in October, priced at around $100 USD. 

The basic specs of the first Android One devices will include 4.5-inch displays, dual-SIM, microSD support, and FM radio. They are expected to launch with the latest stock Android version - known, for now at least, as "the L release" - although manufacturers will be able to pre-load their own software on to the handsets. 

Five partners have signed up to work with Google to launch devices in India: Spice, Intex, Celkon, Karbonn and Micromax. The last two on that list have also signed up to Microsoft's Windows Phone platform - Micromax launched its first such devices last month, while Karbonn is expected to announce three WP handsets later this quarter, priced from around $130.

Source: The Economic Times via BGR | images via Google I/O

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I can see this doing well in south America, India, south east Asia, and China (perhaps). Low cost, reliable performance and experience (stock Android), and auto updates mean they will kept secure and have the latest features. I'd quite like one myself :laugh:


Price we know, matter of fact, Micromax has Canvas Win W092 at similar price point having SnapDragon 200 Quad Core / 1GB RAM / 8GB ROM / 4" / dual camera... Infact ASUS zenfone too in similar price point comes with decent specs..

Hope this Google Android One needs the similar specs..

Why only emerging markets? The Moto G (same screen size, roughly same price) has sold exceptionally well in developed nations. Seems a bit silly to artificially restrict to a single market.