4.7-inch iPhone 6 could come with two screen material options

While we have seen plenty of leaked parts for the 4.7" iPhone 6, one of the more interesting components to leak has been the Sapphire Crystal Display. In an earlier torture test, we saw the screen take a huge amount of punishment. But, it looks like not all iPhones will be the same come release day, as Apple could be releasing two variants of the upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

According to 9to5Mac,  their source states that there will be two versions of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 that will be released. There will be one that will utilize a Sapphire Crystal Display and another that will utilize Corning's Gorilla Glass. While it's unclear which devices will come with Sapphire, the source does state that it will be based on specifications. If this is true, it means that Apple could reserve the Sapphire Display for its more expensive units with larger storage.

While this does seems a bit odd for Apple, we will have to wait and see what Apple will release at its September 9th event. Apple is also rumored to be working on a larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 and a new wearable dubbed, the iWatch

Source: 9to5MacImage via MKBHD

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Interesting facts about Gorilla Glass vs Saphire (I know its Corning's website but scientifically is accurate)


I think the real reason Apple is offering two different display versions is that Apple can't come up with enough Sapphire to meet expected demand. So to compensate, the will need to offer Gorilla Glass as well at a slightly lower price.

Why is it so confusing. A new c series phone with 4.7 inch gorilla glass can be expected along with a premium 4.7 inch sapphire glass version.

I wonder if Apple just wants more market share - true they have kept things simple in the past but maybe they credit their users with a bit of intelligence now - or at least they hope. Fact of the matter is they don't want a repeat of the PC market share from the 90s and 00s - they are a business and without variety they will be crushed by competition.

They are doing just fine without this variety you speak of. Who's going to crush them? There are only two major players in the smartphone world.

No. They are having sapphire glass capacity problems at the new fab, so they are turning a production failure into a marketing opportunity.

If this is true, this is getting worse than all those Lumias and variants of Windows XP!

iPhone 6
16GB Gorilla - $699
32GB Gorilla - $799
64GB Gorilla - $899
128GB Gorilla - $999
16GB Apple Jewelry Display - $799
32GB Apple Jewelry Display - $899
64GB Apple Jewelry Display - $999
128GB Apple Jewelry Display - $1099
iPhone 6L
32GB Gorilla - $899
64GB Gorilla - $999
128GB Gorilla - $1099
32GB Apple Jewelry Display - $999
64GB Apple Jewelry Display - $1099
128GB Apple Jewelry Display - $1199
iPhone 6C
16GB Gorilla - $499
32GB Gorilla - $599
64GB Gorilla - $699
No Apple Jewelry Display Option

Or no worse than Android's tons of makes, models and versions? Yeah, WP has a few but nothing like Android. Average users doesn't care. They want a phone that works. They're usually at the mercy of the sales reps preference. I've seen it time and time again.

Doesn't really make sense.
This would uselessly increase the offering complexity. Just think about it, 3 colors, 2 screen choices.

This only way it could happen is if the price increase for the sapphire screen is so high they need to make it optional. Then, chances are the benefits wouldn't actually worth it.

3 colors, 2 screen choices, 2 screen sizes, probably 3 storage sizes.

Definitely doesn't sound like something Apple would do

They can't manufacture enough sapphire glass for all of their devices in time for release, so in classic Apple spin, they will turn a production capacity failure into a sales opportunity -- specifically offering a more expensive niche version with the feature they wanted for the main product line. Then, in the future, when capacity reaches its target, all Apple devices will come with sapphire glass as a new feature.

I think it coming with unicorns is a more likely option. Unless the larger phone has a different screen than the small one.

Highly unlikely.
More likely these news sites are profiting from increased traffic off the back of these silly stories

Seems like it could potentially be a bigger, more complicated launch this year. Contract is due for an upgrade so will wait and see how these look.

I can't see Apple offering 2 screen types for the same device. This just confuses things for users, at a small cost difference/margin on Apple's part. They usually keep everything simple and uniform.

They wanted to, but the new sapphire glass fab is unable to manufacture enough product in time for release, so this is Apple turning a production capacity failure into a marketing opportunity.

And suckers will pay through the nose just the same...