A new Android tablet coming from... Toys"R"Us?

In the wake of Amazon's Kindle Fire announcements last week, it appears another retail company is planning on releasing its own Android-powered tablet. Toys"R"Us, a company whose spokesman is a talking giraffe, has announced it will release its own tablet.

The talking giraffe-led company will release the Tabeo tablet, which features a 7-inch screen, on Oct. 1 for $149.99, according to a listing on the retailer's website. Tabeo, which is clearly an ingenious variation on the word "tablet," will feature a 1GHz processor, 4GB of storage (expandable to 32GB via a micro SDHC slot), a front-facing camera and HDMI output. Additionally, the tablet will feature a "child-friendly interface;" parental controls; and 50 pre-loaded games, books and educational applications.

When Neowin reached out to a random giraffe for comment, it declined to make a statement. It did, however, accept carrots. Because it was a giraffe. And giraffes can't talk. Except for Toys"R"Us's spokesman, which was likely genetically engineered to creep people out and mislead little children about the capabilities of giraffes (and torment them at their birthday parties).

Via: Mashable
Source: Toys"R"Us | Image via Toys"R"Us

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Stop digging at Geoffrey just because you had a cruddy childhood and your parents didn't take you to the most awesome toy store ever.

I think I'll be buying one of these because I don't wanna grow up.

Haha that last paragraph made me laugh out loud :-P

As for the tablet, I guess it'll sell a reasonable amount I guess.

My kids don't really care if the tablet has a 1.0Ghz processor and not a Dual core 1.4Ghz processor. So when it comes to buying my kids a tablet; I'm looking more for usability of the device in their hands than anything else.

I'll have to wait until they hit the store before I make the final decision but these come at a great time as I was contemplating buying them a tablet.

Techno_Funky said,
God, how many Android tablets are there going to be out there.

Can't handle the variety get back in the fruit bowl

Awesome article.
That's what Neowin needs - not just rephrasing other articles but adding something.

The tablet...well, it's yet another "child-friendly" tablet that will fail.

not a bad idea, if it is rugged enough, because 75% of the tabs i see are being used by kids to either watch a movie or play a game

Saw this over the weekend. with the pricing and the relative under powered nature of the device even thought it is a bit more rugged I think you would be better off with either the new Kindle Fire or the Nexus 7.