A video hands-on with the HTC One

Now that I've returned from the HTC One launch in Sydney, you can take a look at the HTC One in action with some help from Melbourne-based HTC executive Richard Douglas. While I didn't manage to show off all the new features, you do get to see the Zoe functionality including how the camera can capture a slight moment before the button is pressed.

The One will be available on carriers starting mid-March, so check back next month when hopefully I'll have a review unit in my hands. In case you missed it, check out my written opinions of the device here, as well as a camera comparison against the Nokia Lumia 920.

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They took some design cues from Microsoft's modern UI. However it seems like a mixed bag to me. Large tiles for half of the startscreen and WP animations for half of the UI. The other half as well as its core is stil Android. IMO it doesnt really mix well. But this has Always been my problem with Android phones, Google does things one way and the OEMs want to do it another way. On top of that each app developer also feels the need to create their own UI. It all feels half done and uninspired. If its unclear what I mean, check out LazyWormApps' TechEd presentation.

Very impressive design - both hardware and software. Good work HTC! I hope they finally come back into the race!

While I didn't show it much, it's not really like Windows Phone tiles. Operates quite differently, and flicking left/right shows standard Android homescreens

Aww that's actually bad news if it shows standard Android homescreens on left and right, they should have gone full out with the first screen style.

It would have been nice, but BlinkFeed is only really suited to showing aggregated news and social media. It is front and center (the default homescreen) but people will still like quick app shortcuts and widgets

Android has had widgets since the very beginning of its commercial release as far as I am aware and the widgets have been square, rectangular, round all sort of shapes with live updates. Between WP8 tiles and Android widgets, I choose Android because they look better (in my own opinion) but this is just me. I am sure other people prefer the WP tiles over Android.