A-VNC v1.5: VNC Through Firewalls Using a Web Browser

A-VNC is a remote control software to see and control a Windows machine. It is designed to overcome firewalls and proxy limitations, and depends on a web browser as a client. This makes A-VNC the perfect solution to access your home computer from a university network, corporate network, or any other network with strict firewall rules.

A-VNC is open source, implemented using .NET, and relies on pure HTTP and Ajax.

Download: A-VNC v1.5
Screenshot: Main Screen
News source: DR-A.net

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for myself i use teamviewer, a perfect and tiny little vnc software, which work fine for me.

the best part is that you don't need to have fixe ip adress and it work on port 80.

just use logmein

the best vnc app ever..and it works with firewalls and such also!

o and did i mention it is full featured....even includes sound

it does support key presses.
regarding the context menu, it will not appear in FireFox.
however, I do agree, this in NO WAY substitute for a proper vnc client. but it helps if you have no other choice.

BrainDedd: java based substitutes I found did not support connection through proxy... did you try them? the version i found was trying to directly connect to my computer without going through the proxy first. Also, ajax based *should* consume much less resources than the java based.

The Walker: if you were in a university and you want to access some data on your computer, that doesn't seem to me like "illegal use".

ranasrule: it requires no installation and it is open source.. why don't you try it.

Thank you all for your comments.

Isn't this a problem with regards to unauthorised access, ANYTHING designed to circumvent firewalls can't be a good thing.

This is in no way a substitute for a proper client.

It doesn't support key presses for a start. :P

It would be good however if you wanted to manage a server or something like that from work where you can click, copy and paste urls.

Or where you just wanted to view the desktop at work.

It supports "right click" but you have to get rid of IE/mozilla's context menu first.