Acer Aspire P3 Windows 8 tablet announced

Acer had a number of new product announcements today and one of them is a new Windows 8 tablet that looks like it was made for the heavy traveler, the Acer Aspire P3. In an email press release sent to Neowin, Acer says the Aspire P3 has an 11.6 inch screen, but more importantly, the tablet comes with a cover that can double as a physical keyboard. Combining the two makes the Aspire P3 weight just over three pounds.

Acer says that the keyboard built into the cover is of the chiclet variety but is also full-sized. Since Acer is including the keyboard cover with the tablet, that makes the Aspire P3 more of a hybrid product than just a tablet. In terms of hardware specs, users can choose from either an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor inside, along with either a 60 GB or 120 GB SSD drive.

The tablet has a five megapixel rear camera along with a front facing camera and the battery life lasts up to six hours. There is also the option to buy a stylus to go along with the tablet's touchscreen. Acer says that the Aspire P3 is available for sale immediately with prices starting at $799.99.

Source: Acer press release | Image via Acer

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I've seen reports than this comes with an active digitiser (Wacom stylus) which, if true, makes it a more attractive proposition than the W700.

I'm assuming it will also use the latest low voltage versions of the Ivy Bridge processor making it more power efficient than the W700 (though I don't think the estimated battery life was that much less than six hours anyway...).

The price seems very reasonable to me too, £599 in the UK is the same price as some Atom based devices and the iPad, all of which are far less capable. This could easily be used as someone's main device. Plug in a monitor and an external keyboard and mouse and you've got a decent desktop setup with good portability. Not sure how people can expect it to be much cheaper when it's an ultrabook.

RE: screen resolution. I have an 11.6" machine with 1366x768 and it looks perfectly fine. While 1080p would look crisper it's hardly a bad resolution for that size screen. I'd like the option to get a 1080p panel with it though, there should always be an option.

Users can choose between i3 or i5 you say? This was supposed to be the case with the w700. Oh well, we chose allright! The old 2cd gen i3 for europe and nothing else, while north america got the latest i5. Seriously this makes me so angry!. Add to that their unfair pricing: 800€ for the i3 at best, and 700$ fpr the i5 in the us?

wow, thanks guys, as it turns out you are right. But all I could find in i5 variants (, cost like 1000€ - 845 pounds.

Now if the link you gave me is the real deal (and I hope they deliver in belgium), then i'm getting it asap. Btw, does the w700 come with the same cover keyboard or is there the bluetooth keyboard instead?

Tony. said,
So it's basically the Acer Iconia W700 which I have.

Yep, with the P3 having a lower resolution screen. To me the W700 is still their best Acer tablet to date.

you are kidding me right... I am no fan of Acer here but what the freak do you people want? I gotta say Acer have outdone themselves with this concept and I love it. People should stop thinking that tablet\laptop hybrid should cost the same as an Ipad or less when the ipad is a cripple device.

Meh, a little to heavy compared to the surface pro, a little cheaper and a tad better battery than the surface pro, the dock scenario is not as good as the surface and the design is not as good. Also no mention of an active digitizer

So a solid Meh

swanlee said,
the dock scenario is not as good as the surface
Lets keep in mind that the surface cannot stand on its own like a true laptop. The docking scenarios is more of a laptop mode than the Surface. If the surface fits your needs than you're right.

swanlee said,
The surface has a kickstand when the keyboard is attached it can stand just like a laptop
Not on your lap, it's useless on your lap. It's also funky on a bed. If you're just consuming it's great, but if you want to produce you really want to be sitting at a flat surface. It tries really hard to be a laptop, but not just like a laptop.

Not bad, 799 is a fair price. I think MS just needs something to address that 7" / 8" market ASAP. MS realized with Windows Phone it needed a budget handset.. How can they not see the same for Windows 8?

ctrl_alt_delete said,
not bad, but better price please!
I'd love to hear what you think a reasonable price would be for such a setup? Hell even a comparable ipad is nearly the same price... and it's just ios.