Acer rumored to launch cheaper Windows 8 tablet in 2013

Acer executives have already said that demand for Windows 8 products are " ... not that good right now." Now a new report claims that the company plans to offer up new Windows 8-based tablets that are cheaper than their current lineup.

Speaking to unnamed sources, The Wall Street Journal reports that Acer will launch the cheaper Windows 8 tablets sometime in early 2013. There's no word on any specifics on the price of this tablet, nor have any of this product's hardware specs been revealed.

Acer launched the Intel Core processor based Iconia W700 tablet earlier this year with a starting price of $799. It is one of the few PC makers to launch a Windows 8 tablet with a Intel "Clover Trail" processor, the Iconia W510. If you can find one, they are priced around $500, but supplies of the tablet have been low since it launched.

The same Wall Street Journal article also claims Acer will launch a $99 Android-based tablet in early 2013, with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and a seven inch screen with a resolution of 1024x600. The tablet is said to be made for emerging markets and may not be sold in the US.

Source: Wall Street Journal | Image via Acer

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Acer kept claiming they wanted to become the new Apple, I bought one of their high-end systems from 2011 and they don't even offer Windows 8 drivers despite the system being included in the Win8 upgrade list, not to mention unfixable intermittent wifi connections and the "I-should-have-expected-it" random BSODs from hell. What a bunch of clowns: apparently when they meant they wanted to become the new Apple they only meant the prices and external materials.

Let's hope it won't take long for Samsung to wipe out of existance these horrible and shameless manufacturers that still think that quantity >> quality and keep abusing of consumers' good faith. I wish reports like this made the news more often to put those kind of manufacturers to shame:

So, here's my question. If someone can produce $99 Android tablet, how come the cheapest Windows ones are $400 more? You can't tell me it costs an additional $400 for a WindowsRT license and a better screen.

It shouldn't have just a better screen but 4x the ram, 4x the internal memory, a far more expensive digitizer plus all the Microsoft hardware certifications. The 99$ Acer tablet has a SIM slot (3G) and GPS as advantage though.

WinRT more powerful than iOS and Android? HOW? The only good thing RT can run is Microsoft Office. RT can't run anything else x86. You only have the apps available on the Store.

That's not what I would call powerful...

Brony said,
IMO, Windows RT is a bit bloated. However it is (purposely) way more powerful than iOS and Android.

Where "powerful" is extremely relative considering the extremely low amount of apps available compared to android/iOS. It's not like having a working wordpad, paint or windows explorer (heck, it even comes with windows defender!) is going to help when you cannot install additional desktop applications plus it's also very likely that as soon as Office is ported to Metro the desktop part will be scrapped entirely since except for Office it's mostly a complete waste of space and resources considering there are no other installable applications for it.