Acer still believes Microsoft can compete in the mobile space

Acer president Jim Wong (also referred to in the media as JT Wong) has been one of Microsoft's biggest critics in the past year. He's been pretty open about his feelings that Microsoft should not enter the PC hardware industry with the Surface tablet and in January, he said that the launch of Windows 8 was not successful.

That has not stopped Acer from launching new Windows 8 products, including a new tablet with an included keyboard cover, the Aspire P3, and a unique looking laptop/all-in-one PC, the Aspire R7. Bloomberg reports that during a press event to introduce these products on Friday, Wong said that Microsoft can still compete with Apple and Google in the mobile space.

Wong stated, "Windows for now is still a leader in the productivity field." However, he feels that in terms of mobile products such as tablets and smartphones, Microsoft can start to catch up to Google and Apple in the next year, adding, "We have high hopes.”

Wong believes that Microsoft is still lacking in the number of apps for mobile devices but that the company is working to solve that issue. The Windows Phone Store currently has over 130,000 apps while Windows 8 has over 65,000 apps in the Windows Store to download.

Acer is apparently planning to launch a small 8-inch Windows 8 tablet in the near future, according to an page listing that was quickly taken down on Friday. An Acer spokesperson told Neowin, "We have not announced this product and have no further comment at this time."

Source: Bloomberg | Image via Acer

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There is no doubt that Microsoft can compete in the mobile arena. Where Microsoft is failing miserably is in the non-mobile arenas, i.e., laptops and desktops. Their recent Windows-8 debut has, clearly, been mobile centric to the almost total exclusion of laptop and desktop users.

TsarNikky said,
There is no doubt that Microsoft can compete in the mobile arena.

I'm beginning to wonder about their phone offering. Originally I thought it was going to be great, I was even going to buy one of the new Nokia's when they first came out, but due to lack of stock, and dealers unwilling to discount the price, I didn't end up getting one. Now I'm not interested in buying one. Lack of Apps, and Microsoft's debacle with "Metro everywhere" has totally turned me off it.

My current thinking is that the Samsung S4 looks like the phone to buy.

I'm getting an S4 too. It totally beats everything out there. Windows Phones are just a big pile of marketing. Half baked OS with no apps running on low spec hardware, yet they sell it as high-end, insanely pricey. Good luck with that.

at first he probably ate up all the marketing crap from google about chromebooks ,and how they were going to be taking over the universe... then when reality hit him, he changed his tune. unfortunately for his company and others,microsoft is not taking any of their crap anymore.

the other day I needed an extra machine so I did a stupid thing and bought a new acer s3 ultrabook. the amount of crap pre installed on there is beyond belief. just anti malware and security, these were on there, mcafee anti theft,macafee anti virus, Norton anti virus, acer security, and of course windows defender is running too. there was also one application installed which im pretty sure can be considered spyware.