Acer's 8.1-inch Windows 8 tablet already marked down to $299

The Acer Iconia W3 was announced in early June as the first Windows 8 tablet that was smaller than 10.1 inches. The 8.1-inch device went on sale later that month for the starting price of $379 for the 32GB version. This week, Acer has quietly reduced the price of the Iconia W3 by $80 less than two months after it started taking pre-orders for the tablet.

The Microsoft Store website now shows a $299 price for the 32 GB version, while the 64 GB model has also been reduced by the same amount and is now selling for $349. The same price cuts for the Iconia W3 can be found at and Staples, among other retailers.

Microsoft hyped up the launch of the Acer Iconia W3 when it was first reveals and even gave out free units to the paid attendees of its BUILD 2013 conference in June. Our first impressions of the tablet questioned whether or not it would be a commercial success and now it would appear that Acer is trying to spur demand for the Iconia W3 with a pretty deep price reduction early in its sales cycle.

Recent rumors that Acer was planning to discontinue the Iconia W3 were quickly labeled as false by company reps. Acer has not commented on another rumor that it plans to launch a new version of the tablet later this fall that will be thinner and lighter and come with with an IPS LCD display.

Source: Microsoft Store, Amazon and Staples

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Can we stop putting those crappy labels of formats supported on the device? it cheapens the look and with tablets specially, looks are are huge percentage towards purchase ATM

I run Win 8.1 on my 2012 256 Air, absolutely flies! Battery not as good as under osx but still not bad. I just reboot into windows when needed in less than a minute to a working desktop.

We want to see more cheaper windows 8 tablet.
Look like microsoft failed to deliver good user friendly tablet.
they also cut the surface and surface pro price

korupt_one said,
Again this is just another case of crap oem hardware, same as its always been.

Yup well even more point in Microsoft making their own Surface Mini right? I mean the idea was to get OEM's making better hardware... and that has happened with full size laptop/hybrids.

Rinse and repeat...

No. I think it is that people don't want Windows on a tablet. Poor battery life, Windows Desktop is not made for fingers, Windows Metro is half baked. People are over the Windows brand.. you can't put Windows on everything and expect that it will sell.

Oh, Unless you know people who are saying I wish there were some good quality windows tablets that I can buy?? and that you know people waiting for a 'quality' windows tablet.

Is it the hardware? Is it the OS? It may be both, either way you get what we have now, windows tablets not selling.

I don't know anyone waiting for a quality windows tablet. All the people I know are happy with their non windows tablet and don't care about Windows. I think the stats speak to this.

Edited by derekaw, Aug 5 2013, 7:47am :

CygnusOrion said,
Microsoft needs to make a 4x3 form-factor Surface and it will sell.

That's what I expect the Surface Mini will be, 8" with 4:3 ratio.

This tablet is so poorly made, no wonder it won't sell.

What will catch people's attention is a slick style like the Surface.

Once again, oems are dropping the ball, missing their chance.

Hopefully, the 8" Surface can show them how to do it.

Someone needs to start a "Windows Tablet Death Watch" to keep track of all these pricecuts and product cancellations.

Or maybe have a funeral

I got one for free from the recent BUILD conference, so my opinion might be biased.

Personally, I prefer the W3 over the Surface Pro (as a tablet).
Sure, it is ridden with problems/shortfalls (poor Wifi signals, low resolution, poor screen viewing angles, cheap feel, under-powered, etc).
But what I really look for in a tablet is battery life.
And being able to run Visual Studio, Office 2013 and my favourite x86 programs on the tablet (albeit a little slow)... that's icing on the cake.

With the Surface Pro, I noticed:
1. I always have to bring its cables and adapter with me
2. I'm always looking for a power socket to plug it in
3. I don't use it as much (compared to the W3) when I'm on public transport, due to weight/size, and fear of depleting its battery

Nowadays, my Surface Pro sits at home, always plugged in, as a permanent fixture (replacing my laptop), and I take the W3 with me wherever I go.

TruckWEB said,
All review of the W3 say that the screen is complete junk... So it's no wonder it's not selling well.

I toyed with it at Staples the other day. The screen really is as bad as reviewers say. It's easily the worst screen I've ever seen in my life. There's a graininess that is just disgusting to look at it.

TruckWEB said,
All review of the W3 say that the screen is complete junk... So it's no wonder it's not selling well.

the screen is so clear you see nothing on it

Windows 8 tablets are selling so well that manufacturers are lowering their prices for no reason. It shows exactly just how consumers feel about the products. Most people don't care about specs so no matter how much you beef these tablets up or what the next version brings, it just won't sell.

The specs are dooming these from the start. Same story with most W8 tablets. Build something like the iPad and host W8 and it will sell.

ccoltmanm said,
The specs are dooming these from the start. Same story with most W8 tablets. Build something like the iPad and host W8 and it will sell.

I just don't want Atom, and I think manufacturers are holding off on new releases until 8.1 hits.