AdDuplex CEO: Lumia 520 is the most popular Windows Phone

At the beginning of every month AdDuplex, the ad-exchange platform for Windows Phone and Windows 8, shows its usage statistics across platforms giving us a picture of how Microsoft’s and Nokia’s ecosystem is doing.

Now, AdDuplex CEO, Alan Mendelevich has just teased one of the key points in the company’s next report: the Lumia 520 has displaced the Lumia 920 and it is now the most used Windows Phone device on their network.

We saw the Nokia Lumia 920 rise in fame since its launch and last month it was dubbed the most popular Windows Phone, but it seems that the recently launched and very affordable Lumia 520 has managed to jump ahead in the polls.

We’ll see more info in the following days when the full report comes out, but it’s safe to say that Nokia’s low-end strategy is definitely working and that the way forward might be a bit less emphasis on high end smartphones and a bit more effort in developing markets.

Source: Twitter

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FalseAgent said,
WHOA! That was fast!!

Yeah it is, and I think the rest of the Lumias are doing well to which should point to a strong Q2 from them.

The 520 is a perfect combination of price and performance/features. I brought one for a relative, i couldn't believe it was only £100 unlocked/sim free. It's completely feature rich, maps, navigation, fast and fluid UI, surfing, email everything. It feels tough/durable. Im still shocked that they are going so cheaply.

You mean you bought one. You didn't "brought" one.

Bought = buy.
Brought = bring.

Really basic English a 5 year old should know yet so many people do this.

And rightly so. It's cheap but fast, with a smooth mobile experience, a replaceable battery and backplates and upgradeable memory.

Many expesive equipments dont have that.

It replaced my 900 after i cracked it's screen, and I've yet to notice anything that's a significant downgrade to me, beyond the standard music player's worse complaints. (i don't really think it's that bad, but i did love me some zune)

so the 920 was the most popular, taking in about 15% of the windows phone installed base. The installed base was hovering around 30 million. this tells us the 520 is selling millions and millions.

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