AdDuplex: Nokia Lumia 920 is most popular Windows Phone

Without a doubt, the flagship smartphone for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 launch in late 2012 was Nokia's Lumia 920, thanks in part to a number of distinctive features such as its wireless charging and its advanced PureView camera. Now a new report claims that the Nokia Lumia 920 has become the most popular smartphone that uses a version of Windows Phone. reports that, according to data provided by online ad company AdDuplex, the Lumia 920 is now used by 14 percent of all Windows Phone device owners. The previous leader was the Windows Phone 7.5-based Nokia Lumia 800, which launched in fall 2011. However, the difference between the Lumia 920 and Lumia 800 is so small they have the same percentage when the numbers are rounded up.

Nokia is by far the biggest hardware maker for Windows Phone devices, with AdDuplex claiming its numbers show the Finland-based company controls a whopping 80 percent of the Windows Phone market. Eight of the top 10 Windows Phone-based smartphones were made by Nokia. HTC is a distant second, with their Windows Phone 8X and 8S smartphones each claiming four percent each.

AdDuplex also claims that, according to their data, Windows Phone 8 users consist of 43 percent of the total Windows Phone user share, with the Windows Phone 7 share currently at 57 percent.

Source: | Image via AdDuplex

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Brony said,
In a nutshell : Nokia holds 75% of the WP.

Which is 75 out of that 100 people who actually uses Windows Phone.


On a serious note though, it's understandable -- good hardware sells.

Got one and am surely happy with it. 920 is strong as a diamond. Looks decent and isn't so light (I prefer a more solid feel).
WP8 is noticeably still lagging behind on iOS and Android tho, it has its advantages sure. But there's some things i'm really not happy about. Ah well its a phone, I use it for calling and texting mainly. Altho i check my mail on it allot more then on the computer nowadays. I mainly got it because its just Nokia(top notch build quality is basically a standard guarantee with them). And i'm planning to keep this phone for the next several years. As I highly doubt my phone wont be upgradeable to WP9, looking at MS's track record of recent OS's... the OS's only get lighter, not heavier.

What phone did you come from? I am tempted by WP but the last time I moved from iOS to Android within a year I was back on iOS. I mainly disliked the lack of apps which is what WP currently suffers from. Android has greater app support since I last used it but it's left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Bummer that the screen colors suck. The ones I have seen have a "warm" tint to them, kinda like the warm settings on TV sets.

Design and camera, certainly; specs, not so much. It's CPU is considerably underpowered in comparison to the competition (Samsung GS4, HTC One; even the older HTC One X), same with memory and display resolution - even the updated 'Catwalk' does nothing to improve there. The embedded battery and weight definitely hold it back.

It's also worth noting that Windows Phone is as much a liability as it is an asset, as the app support simply isn't there at the moment.

Even with samsung (the biggest android hardware maker) and htc making the phones, nokia is holding its own. There's competition, it's just that they're not really supporting windows phones or pushing them as much as nokia are.

And the app support is there. It's growing faster and gaining traction everyday. I mean, you possibly can't expect 700k apps on a relatively newer platform compared to its other competitors (android, ios) in a short time, can you?

Avi Patel said,
And the app support is there. It's growing faster and gaining traction everyday. I mean, you possibly can't expect 700k apps on a relatively newer platform compared to its other competitors (android, ios) in a short time, can you?

Of course not. Android didn't mature overnight but the point is that Android is mature now, while Windows Phone still has a long way to go. Windows Phone certainly has potential but it's not there yet.

Jeez, someone still banging on about "specs" and "apps". I thought we'd educated these clowns by now.

1. Specs. Android runs on Java which is sloooooooooow. Slow software needs bigger, more powerful, more expensive (hi-specs) hardware to run on. WP7/8 runs far, far faster than Android and doesn't need hi-specs. A dual-core WP8 Nokia still out-performs an 8-core Samsung. Android is based on an antiquated software model (Linux/Java) and the only way it can go forward is by continually requiring faster and more expensive hardware. At least iOS has a future while WP8 is young, fresh and very, very efficient software.
2. Apps. Yes, there are more "apps' for iOS and Android. But WP8 relies on "Live Tiles" and effectively kills the concept of the "app". How many Live Tiles does Apple or Android have? And neither of these other systems has Office, by far the world's most popular software. Great for fart noises though.

3. Almost all the Asian manufacturers are planning to dump Android and release Tizen phones in the next year or so. Why? Because Android is stolen goods. Over 20 manufacturers now pay royalties to Apple, Nokia and Microsoft to use Android. RIP, 2014.

OK that's buried. Can we move on now?

I was going to buy one when they came out, but supply was short, and prices were high, and in the end I couldn't be bothered moving to a platform with few apps, not to mention the Windows 8 interface that they tried to shove onto PC users.

Sorry Microsoft, in the end you and your Windows 8 everywhere was the deal breaker for me.