Adobe bringing full version of flash to mobile phones

Adobe is shifting its efforts from "Flash lite" to developing a Flash Player 10 to work on higher-end smartphones.

The admission came from Adobe Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Lynch, at Adobe's Max conference in San Francisco. "We are midst of evolving Flash Player 10 for mobile," Lynch said. "We're taking the full Flash Player and making that run on the higher end of the mobile market."

Adobe demonstrated Flash Player 10 on Nokia, Windows Mobile and Google's Android devices. Lynch was unable to demonstrate Flash Player 10 on the iPhone and commented "This needs a little more baking. We need to pass the taste test of Apple's head chef." According to Lynch adobe is working on Flash for the iPhone.

Despite the work on Flash Player 10 for mobiles, Adobe is still working on Flash Lite. If you do not have Flash Lite installed on a device applications can be shared as a Web address and if Flash Lite can be installed automatically.

In a separate announcement, Adobe released Flash Player 10 for 64bit Linux yesterday.

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This is putting things into perspective:

Apple is such a monopolistic demon of an evil imp for not allowing Flash into the iPhone. So there you go guys, Microsoft, Google, and Apple will everything they can to protect their own interests.

I wouldn't mind a OpenGL based Flash 10 for the iPhone, but video playback would be a pain (It lags badly even on my 1.2Ghz system, the iPhone's half that)

I would hope they would take advantage of the hardware H.264 decoder in the iPhone if they do release it.

I just mentioned this over on Ars Technica... Bringing Flash to the iPhone seems to be exactly what they're doing.

Steve Jobs was quoted as saying "Desktop flash is too resource-heavy for the iPhone, but Flash Lite is incompatible and has too few features. They are missing something in between".

I think we're seeing the "in between"'s creation.