Age of Empires: Castle Siege headed to Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 for 'free'

Microsoft's successful Age of Empires franchise will soon be getting a touch-centric version in the form of Castle Siege, which will be launched in September.

Age of Empires is one of the most popular real-time strategy game franchises on the PC and Microsoft has been looking to bring the game to its mobile platforms for quite some time. However, the Age of Empires: World Domination game which was set to launch on all mobile platforms has been delayed till the end of the year but another Age of Empires game, which would be called Age of Empires: Castle Siege, will land on the Windows and Windows Phone stores in September.

The game will feature all the essential features from the classic Age of Empires games and will include six medieval civilizations such as Britons, Teutons and Kievan Rus. On the multiplayer front, the game will support Xbox Live achievements and cross-platform gameplay with other Windows and Windows Phone users.

Users will be able to download the game for free, but Microsoft has mentioned that the game will have in-game purchases for "accelerated gameplay." The minimum download size is set to be 168 MB and Windows Phone users will need to be connected via Wi-Fi in order to download the game.

Microsoft is showcasing the Castle Siege's gameplay on Twitch today.

Source: Microsoft Studios via WPCentral | Images and video via Microsoft

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I think personally that Kingdoms & Lords has been a very good alternative yet to this game.
You can play the same scenarios on both your smartphone and windows 8 PC, everything's synced through Xbox Game

Obviously Clash of Clans has a proven track record. Any clone, done correctly, on a platform that doesn't have to actually compete against CoC will probably be a winner. The Age of Empires name is just borrowed..

I love this franchise, but please don't pull a candy crush like system...... I hate having to wait to play. Or better yet, why not offer us a paid version of the game with everything unlocked?? I'd totally buy that.

Luc2k said,
MS supporting PC gaming everybody!

Just give the franchise to someone that can make proper strategy games.

A "proper" strategy game/version doesn't work quite well on tablets and phones, IMO. Changes have to be maid when targeting those specific devices with, what looks like to me, to be the same game, not two difference ones.

It doesn't look anything like the AoE I know and love. MS should have called it something else, not drag a great name through the mud just so that they can add some exploitative mobile game to their store.

They should be careful - realising an AoE game that utilities in game purchases in order to make it usable could ruin the AoE name for good. Im surprised MS would still be so careless with its popular game titles.

As long as you can play the game and not have trouble with resources and have to wait for things to happen for hours/days, in game purchases...whatever. But if they tailor it like other sim games, then I will not be touching this at all.

Accelerated game play in app purchases means it will be the same. You can play for free if you want to wait 1 week for some building to build... A shame.

I don't mind free with pay to unlock, as long as unlocking everything is a reasonable price - kinda like a demo. Its just when you have to pay for a resource, which means you could potentially keep paying to actually have a decent game that I won't pay at all. I prefer to go straight for the skirmish/deathmatch games and work my way through the ages in an hour or two, over and over, building different bases on different maps, against AI or friends, rather than have to run through a campaign to unlock things.

I agree. Let me play the game when I want to... I hate the forced waiting so they can sell you upgrade times boosts and whatnot... I will buy this game if they want money. Just dont make it like the crappy pay-to-play longer games!