Amazon, Google, Yahoo, And Others Sued For Automating E-mail

Attorneys representing Polaris IP filed a claim of patent infringement in U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Texas against AOL, Amazon, Borders, Google, IAC, and Yahoo with regards to Texas-based Polaris IP and their automatic message routing patent. The lawsuit charges the companies with implementing systems that "comprise interpreting electronic messages with rule base and case base knowledge engines" as described in the patent held by the plaintiff, "Automatic message interpretation and routing system."

The lawsuit seeks an injunction against continued infringement but it is more likely that the plaintiff is hoping the companies will want to settle for a large sum of crisp cash instead. The method and system detailed in the patent describes a way "for automatically interpreting an electronic message including the steps of (a) receiving an electronic message from a source; (b) interpreting the electronic message using a rule base and case base knowledge engine; and © retrieving one or more predetermined responses corresponding to the interpretation of the electronic message from a repository for automatic delivery to the source."

News source: InformationWeek

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They must be stupid. How can they even think they have a chance of winning this. I don't think our judges are that stupid and all those companies must have good lawyers.

It should have read:

The method and system detailed in the patent describes a way "for automatically extorting large amounts of cash that you didn't earn from companies that didn't do anything wrong."


So they could sue pretty much every site on the interent, but take notice it's all the big names with all the cash they chose.

These patent cases are getting stupid

An auto-responder? They claim to possess the patent on an email auto-responder? Hahaha. MOVE OVER SCO, POLARIS IP IS IN DA HOUSE!!!

If this case is about "auto-responder" then POLARIS IP must end up in jail for fraud. When legal system wake up and realize that some of these cases are just plain modern "bank robbery".