Amazon Prime getting hundreds of Paramount movies

In an effort to combat Netflix's streaming dominance, Amazon has announced a partnership with Paramount Studios for the company's Amazon Prime streaming service.

The companies' joint press release states that Amazon will receive a number of commercially and critically acclaimed films, such as Mission Impossible III, Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Mean Girls, Nacho Libre, Clueless and other titles. Additional films in the deal were not named. According to the press release, the deal will provide Amazon Prime with "hundreds of new hit movies to Prime Instant Video in the U.S. over the next three years." With the deal, Amazon Prime now offers customers with over 17,000 movies and TV episodes. 

Amazon Prime was launched in 2005, although the company didn't begin offering its movie and television streaming program until February of last year. In addition to video streaming, the service offers users free two-day shipping for an annual cost of $79. Netflix, by comparison, has a far larger streaming library, but charges $8 a month (for a $96 annual cost) for its streaming service. Netflix also obviously lacks free two-day shipping.

Apps for Amazon Prime's instant video service are currently available on the company's Kindle Fire tablet as well as Sony's PlayStation 3. A full list of devices which support Amazon Prime's instant video service can be seen here. Amazon also offers an Instant Video service where users can purchase or rent over 120,000 titles.

Source: Amazon Press Release

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Does anyone else find it etremely awkward to find something to watch on Amazon? I really wish they had a better way to browse and find things. Aside from that major complaint, I find the service to be excellent the foour or five times I've used it. Don't miss the BBC's Yellowstone in HD!

Its still a poor service. The selection is quite limited and theres so many more movies that need to be added. I will not subscribe to a service such as this or Netflix just yet...

este said,

Its still a poor service. The selection is quite limited and theres so many more movies that need to be added. I will not subscribe to a service such as this or Netflix just yet...

Yeah, unfortunately, that's how they all are at the moment. At least with the Amazon Prime though, you get more than just the streaming services.

Amazon Prime is just 29€ in Germany and you can even invite 4 people in your household to get Prime, too - free of charge.
Obviously we don't have streaming, but I adore their service.
Free next day shipping, overnight shipping for 5€ per article (in case you order past a certain time of the day this is needed if you need it by the next day. I guess it's past 6:30pm till 8:30pm and the package will get shipped by noon the next day. (Saturdays included))

I adore my Amazon Prime, great value if you order a lot with them like I do.

I'd like to see them offer streaming here, too.
It'd be good for those moments when you spontaneously decide on a movie.

Also: awesome you listed "Mean Girls"! Great movie, I'm sure many would disagree with me on this around here.


I love Amazon Prime for the free shipping, and often I get little incentive deals to accept slower shipping (but still free) and receive a $1 MP3 credit. I find I often take them up on that, so have probably gotten 'back' around $30 of my $79 in just MP3s alone.

My only disappointment with the Amazon streaming videos is they do not make a Windows Media Center extension like Netflix does.

I canceled my Netflix due to poor on demand options. I wanted new stuff not just bmovies and yoga vids. though i do like yoga. I just found it better for me to use Redbox.

Amazon Prime is great. I got a canon lens in 12 hours from ordering online to my door. On the weekend!! Now that there are movies. Booyah. this is a great deal if you buy from Amazon often like I do. Though what is the selection like? Hundreds of new movies over 3 years is poor. And 17,000 videos now but are they old or lots of new shows and movies in there.

Drewidian said,
Now they just need to bring an Amazon Video App to the XBox!

Yep! I have it on my Sony Blu-Ray player and we order movies from there sometimes, but an Xbox interface would be way better.