Amazon Prime users can now borrow Kindle books

Amazon just added a nice new feature for subscribers of its Amazon Prime service. The online retailer announced this week the Kindle Owners' Lending Library: a feature that lets any Prime user who owns a Kindle device borrow up to one Kindle book a month for free from a list of thousands of books "including over 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers". Unlike borrowing a book from your local library, Amazon won't charge you any overdue fines; there are no due dates with this online library.

This new service seems to be a reduced version of a previously rumored plan to offer Amazon Kindle users a Netflix-like "all you can read" service for one monthly or annual feel, a plan that reportedly ran into resistance from book publishers. While Amazon still remains a large distributor of third-party books, Amazon themselves have also been actively publishing both original e-books and physical books.

All of this activity shows that Amazon is making a big bet that people want to spend their money on old fashioned books, even in a relatively new fashioned medium like an eReader or the Kindle Fire tablet. At the same time, the Amazon Prime service continues to add value to its $79 a year fee; it also offers streaming videos of movies and TV shows, a la Netflix, free two day shipping of most items on Amazon with no minimal purchase and more.

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Good for them... so long as the roll it out internationally.
Even though I have no plans for any kind of eReader or iNot-a-Physical-Book-Reader, anything that adds value to Prime is good

Only one book a month...wonder if there's going to eventually be a price-per-month upsell to get more then one a month. Fiance goes through 4-6 in that time.

That makes prime all the more appealing for me, but the limited selection and one book a month kind of sucks since most of the books I plan to read in the near future aren't part of this and I usually read up to 7 books a month depending on their length. Still hoping Amazon will be able to offer a monthly service eventually.

Better selection if you just use your local library.. The amazon prime books currently leave something to be desired, but i can't complain as long as prime prices don't increase because of this content

US only? I had a poke around and it mentions the fire as well as the normal e-reader so I'm guessing yes?
Couldn't find anything on the UK amazon site and not had an email from them saying I can do this