Amazon testing $7.99 a month Prime video streaming plan

Amazon has allowed users of its Amazon Prime service to stream a selection of movies and TV shows for the service's price of $79 a year since February 2011. However, that significant upfront price didn't directly compete with similar streaming businesses like Netflix or Hulu Plus, who have priced their own services at $7.99 a month.

Now, it appears that Amazon is planning to compete more directly with its rivals' pricing. The site Hacking Netflix has spotted a $7.99 a month plan on the website. The plan retains the other aspects of Amazon Prime - namely, the free two-day shipping on most orders, no minimum order size and a free eBook you can borrow to read via Kindle.

Of course, Amazon Prime's $79 a year plan is technically cheaper than either Netflix or Hulu Plus over a 12 month period (you have to pay $95.88 a year with those two services). However, the ability to check out for at least a few months instead of committing to a year might be more attractive to consumers.

So far, Amazon has yet to officially say anything about a $7.99 a month Amazon Prime plan, but if they are testing this we should hear something about it very soon.

Source: Hacking Netflix | Image via Hacking Netflix

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kaborka said,
I wonder if the movies available via this include everything they have for streaming, or just a subset?
I have a prime account and it is a very small subset. The selection completes OK with Hulu but can't touch Netflix (even if I remove all the junk in Netflix). Its not a bad selection but it isn't that good either.

Even Netflix's subset is too small for me. I have a hard time finding something I want to see. Amazon has some good but obscure French films on demand for $4ea, but if they're not on Prime, fuggetaboutit.

Glad they are adding month to month payments. I have been a prime member for a few years now and I have certainly got my moneys worth on the free shipping alone. At least once a week there is an Amazon box waiting for me when I get home from work. I havent yet checked out any of the streaming options though.

if this apply worlwide if could be a good choice but since its US only i bet, its kinda worthless compared to netflix

This catches my eye if true. While the $80/yr is a better deal, not always timely to shell out that kind of money at one time.

I have Prime and I actually like the $79/year fee, I hope this is just another option and doesn't replace it. Also it seems to me that they could afford to undercut Netflix and Hulu by a $1/month and still make more monthly than the $79/year price. ($6.99 * 12 = $83.88). Anyway if they drop the full year option for $79 I'll have to once again compare services for who is offering me the better value. Amazon won last time because of the free shipping and lower yearly price, lose the lower price and I'm not sure the free shipping is worth the more limited streaming selection. We'll see.