Amazon's Kindle device out of stock

Despite much skepticism--and some downright harsh criticism--on the part of observers about the looks and marketability of Amazon's Kindle electronic book reader, consumers seem to be giving it the thumbs up.

The device, which the retailer started selling Monday for $399, quickly sold out, "due to heavy customer demand," according to Amazon. It will be in stock on December 7, and customers are instructed to order now "to reserve your place in line." (Thanks to Engadget for bringing the sellout to our attention, and further noting that it's still unknown just how many devices Amazon has actually sold.)

With the Kindle, Amazon is hoping to succeed where hardware companies like Sony have failed. No e-book reader has ever been a market success.


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Not for $399, I wouldn't buy it. If it came down to $199, I'd consider it. It's a great addition to any household considering you can get magazine and newspaper subscriptions from around the global on it. Not to mention it's small in size, so easy to carry. Sure beats having a huge book in your hands.