AMD battles Barcelona delay rumours

AMD is denying reports that its highly anticipated Barcelona quad-core processor has been hit by a delay. Barcelona is scheduled for release this summer and is still on track, AMD spokesman Andrew Fox told In the run-up to the launch, AMD is showing off the first working production chips at the Computex tradeshow in Taipei this week.

Supercomputer company Cray started raining on the chipmaker's parade with a warning on Monday that its upcoming XT4 supercomputer would be delayed because of production problems with Barcelona. A story on the Dow Jones Newswire on Wednesday quoted Cray spokesman Steve Conway as saying that Barcelona was behind the delay. Conway declined to comment to, but pointed to news reports that discredited his original quote. Cray's XT4 will in fact be using Budapest, another quad-core AMD chip that has always been scheduled for a late 2007 release. Budapest is aimed at low-cost single-socket servers for application in file servers, print servers and other less CPU-intensive tasks.

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Whew, wiff wiff, can you smell all the FUD in here? Some of the above responses are conclusive proof that a percentage of readers don't RTFA, either completely or partially. :confused:

It's already to late for AMD, they need Barcelona and Agena to be out and making money.

It will be hard to get out of a $4 billion hole they have dug for themselves. They will need a miracle or a bigger company to buy them.

RAID 0 said,
People were saying that same thing about Apple...........

Not to mention AMD's been in ALOT worse positions before, namely most of the 90's.