AMD clarifies Phenom delays, cites customer input

AMD publicly stated late last year that it would be able to offer quad-core AMD Phenom 9700 and 9900 CPUs with fixed erratum as well as at higher clock-speeds in Q1 2008. However, the chipmaker recently notified its partners that the launch of its higher-end chips will be postponed until next quarter.

According to the company, the decision to postpone the launch was based on OEM input on how AMD should prioritize its next two waves of AMD Phenom processor models.

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I bought a X2 during the Pentium D vs X2 days and was going to upgrade to a phenom cpu but then they screwed everyone by discontinue socket 939 and going with AM2 and now AM2+ which is really the only socket that runs the phenom properly.

Sigh...buying a Q6600 makes much more sense right now!

Its sad to see AMD floundering in this round of the processor wars. They really seemed like they had really got it together over the past couple of years. Sigh

To be fair...I have read a number of articles (in reputable PC mags and the like) that actively quote members of the AMD heriarchy saying "Look, we made a big mistake. We dropped the ball. Won't happen again....we'll make sure of it. And yet, we're going to lose a lot of money, customers, and headway with this...but we'll deal with it"

So they have been rather honest in a lot of areas. The delay wasn't down to customer input, it was down to a flaw in the TLB circuitry (according to one aforementioned source) on the chip.

Personally, I don't see a massive need for Quad Core in the everyday market....single core for majority of applications on a daily basis is just fine...dual core is fine for gaming....quad core makes everything that bit better on Crysis. Games driving hardware WILL lead to disaster.

Damn.. Only if they'd been better at executing recently...
All my previous pc's have been AMD but next one is propably going to be Intel.. :ponder: